Question GPU making odd noise.


Hello, i have an XFX HD5670.

The blower fan died, so I took the shroud and fan off. I attached a Delta 80mm fan to the heatsync and it does a good job of cooling it as it runs around 20-25c cooler in games and no longer throttles to death.

However, the default minimum fan speed is 25%. With this new fan, if the fan speed is anything under 40% or so (so all the time at idle) the card makes an odd beeping noise. Setting the fan speed to 40% or greater makes this noise go away.

What is this noise caused by? Can i fix it other than ramping up fan speed?
This is in the video cards bios.
It thinks the fan is failing because it is not spinning fast enough. Small fan high RPM, large fan slower RPM from the same voltage output.
I have the flat fan on top extruded aluminum heatsink version of the card.
i used Tech Power Up RBE (radeon bios editor to change options back then).
One of only a few ATI cardsI have owned so I will help what I can.


The fan doesn't have much info on it.
No sticker and the text in the plastic says he following:

"Delta Electronics, INC.
DC Brushless"

Its an 80mm fan which i believe was a former case fan, but I'm not sure.

The blower fan did work, but sounded like the bearings were shot. Also, the shrouds brittle plastic broke so some of the airflow generated by the fan was not directed onto the heatsync.

The too much current solution makes sense, but the card stops beeping when the fan is turned up to a higher speed, which is opposite of what i would think.

Ill try RBE.