GPU? Mother Board? or Both?


Dec 18, 2015
So I have been experiencing some strange computer issues lately. Issue #1: The primary cause for concern I have is the fact that my system is experiencing 2 different kinds of crashes. One is where the are black white and colored horizontal lines on the screen my friend in IT says that is most likely a GPU syncing error but i could not find much data on the internet about it. And the other crash I'm experiencing is one where my computer remains on but my monitor is black. I have experienced crashes both with an HDMI cable as well as a DVI cable. I also want to note that I have been experiencing performance issues in most games, stuttering bad frame rates etc. I'll point that
I monitor my temps frequently and with MSI afterburner my card never exceeds 61C on most demanding games and processor i have it cooled with a cooler master Hyper Evo 212 and it usually never exceeds 54C. My question is do these crashes both sound GPU related or possibly motherboard related. I am attempting to RMA my card anyway because I got an upgrade out of the company , but I was wondering if my motherboard is suspect too.

System Specs:

Sapphire Nitro AMD R9 380 4GB
Gigabyte Motherboard- GAZ97ZUD3HBK
2- 8GB Gskill DDR3 Ram
Intel i5 4690 K processor @ 3.5 GHz
Western Digital 1 TB HDD
Samsung Evo 500 GB SSD
Antec EA550 550W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS Power Supply
Windows 7 64 Bit

Rig is less than 6 months old and cleaned regularly


Oct 27, 2015
Sound like a gpu problem to me. You could have a motherboard problem but the usual problems I see with motherboards are ram slots not working, non-functioning usb ports, and random freezes or restarts. Because you have none of those issues theirs a good chance it's not the motherboard but you never really know until you replace a part and the problem goes away.