Question GPU MSI GTX 750 Ti - - - - fans are spinning but no display after moving PC to another desk ?

Jan 25, 2022
Hello, this problem occured to me when I moved my PC to another desk then it doesn't display anymore. However, when I plug my monitor to the motherboard, the display works fine.
I also checked the Device Manager, the Nvidia driver is hidden, when I try to update my drivers in Geforce Experience it always says "Nvidia does not support this Windows Version"

I downloaded CPU-Z and checked the graphics, the GTX 750 Ti is not detected

I already tried resetting the CMOS, didn't work, also tried reseating my GPU in the PCIe slot but it still doesn't do anything.

Now I can't go to the BIOS because when I turn off my pc and turn it on it just turns on/off by itself, no display. When I remove my USB keyboard and mouse the PC turns on and I plugged back my USB keyboard and mouse it's just fine.

I checked the Task Manager for the power, only one program stays at Moderate Power Usage