Question Gpu no longer displays on monitor after disconnecting gpu while PC was on ?


Feb 11, 2021
So today when I was using my PC I wanted to see if my backup gpu was better than my current gpu, so I disconnected my current gpu from my case while the PC was on, and the PC turned off. Then when I put my current gpu back in after testing my backup gpu my current gpu wouldn't display anything. I have tried resetting, I have tried cleaning ports and HDMI cables, I have tried different HDMI cables, I have also tried other cards and monitors and those worked but it seems that my current gpu won't display anything on my monitor but the fans spin, and I examined my card and I couldn't find any type of damage.

I'm starting to lose hope with this card, I'm using a gt 1030 , 16gb ram, 2tb hard drive, I don't know my psu.

If anyone could help me fix my card, I would be greatful, I'm just hoping I don't have to buy another gpu