Question GPU no longer putting out an HDMI signal? DVI still works.


Sep 21, 2016
The HDMI port on the back of my GeForce GTX 1070 appears to have died overnight. I woke up this morning to 'No Signal' on my TV. I reseated the GPU, did a clean uninstall and reinstall of my graphics drivers, swapped out in two alternate HDMI cables, and dug up an old monitor to test on. No Signal every time, on both TV and monitor.

What did work was plugging in my old monitor to the GPU via DVI cable. Still, this monitor sucks and I'd like to get HDMI working again if possible so I can output to my TV.

Any ideas on how I might be able to do that? The GPU's HDMI port looks fine, no apparent damage or anything stuck inside it.

Would a DVI to HDMI cable be a decent solution for outputting onto my TV again?
I’d say give a dvi to hdmi adapter a shot. DVI is a digital signal so you shouldn’t lose much on picture quality. However, dvi doesn’t carry audio, so you may need to see about an adapter that can take a line out from your sound card to convert to the hdmi if you use your TVs sound from the pc.