Question GPU no longer responding after windows 10 restart loops

Jul 10, 2021
So I have a custom built PC (specs: Z490-A pro motherboard, Intel Core i7 10700K CPU, 16 GB (2*8) DDR4 3200 RAM, and RTX 3070 GPU) that worked fine for about 2 months but then randomly started going into windows 10 restart loops. I would be able to launch into safe mode, then restart my PC from there and windows would launch properly and my PC would work fine from there. But any time I wanted to restart my PC for an update or something it would again go into a windows restart loop so I would have to again go into safe mode to properly boot into windows but the update I tried to make by restarting wouldn't register. So I decided to re-install windows 10 thinking an improper installation of windows was my issue. However, this made things worse because shortly after the re-installation my GPU stopped responding and my PC completely shut-down. After this, anytime I would turn my PC back on, the VGA light would light up on my motherboard indicating my GPU is not responding properly, the GPU fans would stop spinning and I would have no display on my monitor.

The issues I just described started occurring shortly after certain games like GTA V and BF4 were crashing to desktop due to an undervolt I put on the GPU via MSI afterburner. The undervolt I put on was 1900 MHz at 850 mV, which I then raised to 1900 MHz at 900 mV that fixed the crashing issues I was having. But this is also around the time I started having troubles booting into windows and restarting my PC. At first the issue would only occur occasionally and randomly, but then it would occur more and more frequently to the point I could no longer restart my PC properly.

I didn't know at the time that I could go into the BIOS and change it to use the integrated graphics in my CPU to see if my RTX 3070 was the issue. I have since left my PC at a repair shop to get a diagnostic test because I'm brand new to PC building and don't want to damage it even more. So I don't have the PC right now but I was just hoping maybe someone could give me an idea of what the potential issues are and what to expect from the diagnostic. Could it be that my GPU undervolt causing the gaming crashes somehow corrupted the ROM on my GPU and all I need is a ROM flash? I also thought games crashing is not dangerous to your components?