Question GPU no signal all of a sudden? GTX1660

Feb 10, 2020
Hi all,

I have an annoying problem and I'm looking for some help. I recently moved house and, after a week or so, set up my pc in my new study. It all worked perfectly fine, so I shut it down and left for work. The next day, however, I had no signal to the monitor from my running pc. It started up with no beeps, the GPU fans are running, but it just isn't sending a signal.

I thought maybe the monitor was bad but I've tested it and it works with my xbox. I set about trying to diagnose the problem - took ram sticks out, eraser trick, CMOS battery out, everything carefully dusted etc, GPU carefully reseated, PCI slot checked for dust. Nothing. So, I tried my old GTx750 Ti and voilà, it came straight to life. So I guess that narrows the issue down to my GPU (does it?) but why would it work fine one day, and for the previous six months, then not the next?

I built this pc in March this year, so none of the parts are old, and it's had pretty light usage to be honest. I will list the full specs below. The only parts I reused were the case, (frankly quite a cheap nasty one, I need to get a new one at some point), some of the wiring for USB ports etc, CD drive and the HDD from my previous PC.

I think I should probably RMA the GPU, I'm going to try one last thing before I do - I've ordered a DisplayPort to HDMI cable (my old monitor has DVi, VGA and HDMI but the GPU is 1xHDMI and 3xDisplayPort) if that works I guess it narrows it down to the HDMI output, but somehow I doubt that's likely to have failed.

As I say, this build worked faultlessly for several months, plus a home move and one further day, then suddenly didn't the next day

Rig specs:

ASRock B450 mobo,
Corsair DDR4 2x8gb
Ryzen 5 2600
EVGA 500w bronze PSU
MSI GTX 1660 Ventus XS OC Edition


Jan 24, 2016
Yep testing via the displayport is just to ensure that it is not a bad port (and good to keep an alternative cable handy).
But even if it is the HDMI port that is damaged, and the Displayport works fine, do RMA the GPU anyways as it is still under warranty. Also, try getting a heatsink for the M.2 SSD. These HDDs get uber hot and not healthy for the GPU when the M.2 is in close proximity for long hours.