Question GPU No Video Output

Mar 25, 2020
I built a new PC about 6 months ago now, but haven't gotten around to getting rid of my old PC until now. So, I turn up this morning, intent on putting everything back together. Since I'm planning on giving it to my friend as a present, I bought a flashy new case and a new HDD. So I finish putting everything back together and in, but it seems sitting around for 6 months had done something to the GPU. It is an EVGA GTX 1070 SC, and I'm 99.9% sure that it is the cause of the issue, as I did a GPU swap with my current PC, and the GPU from my current PC worked perfectly in the old build, however, the GPU from the old build (GTX 1070) still didn't work in my current build.

When I boot, the GPU will light up, and fans will spin, but I cannot get a signal out of the HDMI or Display Port outputs. When I take out the graphics card (so using mobo/CPU graphics) the PC boots and functions completely normally. Interestingly, the GPU warning light on my old computer does not stay illuminated, while the warning light on my new PC did stay illuminated after booting. I can't see any issues with the pins, and after a decent physical inspection can't find anything wrong on the outside.

I have absolutely no experience with GPU internals and am not that comfortable pulling apart the entire thing without having some clue what I'm looking for. What could I try and do?