Question GPU not detected / PCIe x16 issues after HDMI failure

Dec 19, 2020
A few days ago I was web browsing and and typing on keyboard, the GPU display signal went and hasn't been back since in the slot. I removed the HDMI cable from my GPU and connected it to the integrated graphics HDMI port, it was extremely distorted. I assumed the HDMI cable was the problem, and ordered a replacement that was delivered the next day.

The new HDMI cable works perfectly fine connected to integrated graphics but there is no connection to my GPU. The old HDMI cable is totally dead, not working on any device.
Device Manager can't detect the GPU in the PCIe x16 slot, but the slot is giving power to GPU.
I have reseated and check the contacts. I put the GPU in the PCIe x4 slot. The GPU is detected and works fine in PCIe x4.

In random orders I have -

  • Removed all GPU drivers and reinstalled the drivers with GPU in PCIe x4 slot
  • Updated to the latest BIOS
  • Reinstalled the Chipset drivers
  • Used system restore to last restore point
  • Reupdated Windows
I upgraded from 8gb to 16gb RAM around 5 weeks ago, identical Hyper Fury X sticks. System has been running fine.
I definitely don't think it is a PSU issue, this is the first time I have ever had a problem with my build.

I believe this problem started with the HDMI cable somehow?

Is the PCIe x16 slot dead? Nothing else that can be done if it is dead? It's disappointing. This is the first time I have had a problem, with this PC which I built in 2015. Please assist guys. Thanks . Specs -

Gigabyte Z97P-D3
Pentium G3258
16gb ram
EVGA 500W 80 Plus Bronze PSU
Vapor-X R7 250X
All parts brought and built Sept 2015 (except the 2x 4gb ram sticks recently)
I use PC on a 60hz 4K Hisense TV via HDMI

Any ideas? I'd be grateful. Thanks
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