Question GPU Not Found - New Build


Dec 11, 2015
Another one of these threads... I tried most of the things people suggested, still nothing. I just built a new pc and swapped my 2060 into the new one and its not being recognized. GeForce says unable to download recommended driver, EVGA precision doesn't even open. I have a ryzen 9 5900x / 2060 / X570 ASUS TUF. Also the biggest problem I see is I have Windows 8.1 that I downloaded from my ISO usb drive. Nvidia doesn't have a windows 8.1 support for drivers, could that be the problem? Should I upgrade to windows 10? Device driver doesn't see it either. I tried both ports for the card, different ports for the PCI-E, and I know the card is functional since the display port is connected to it. Open to any other suggestions, thank you

EDIT: Just tried windows 10 install, it failed. Tried downloading bios update, also failed.
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