Question GPU not getting detected during cold boot/getting no display

Oct 11, 2020
Hi guys, I am facing a strange problem since few days which I needed help with.

Whenever I cold boot the PC my GPU is not getting detected by the PC and hence, I am not getting any display at all. Not even the bios flash screen is being displayed. The PC itself boots up perfectly though. I can use the computer itself without the display (using teamviewer). I can see that in device management that all the components show up properly except the GPU. The GPU is not detected at all in the device manager.
The strange thing is if I restart the PC then I get the same issue of GPU not getting detected and not getting any display. But if I switch off the PC using windows shutdown & then power on the PC again the GPU gets detected and I get display as well. And now the PC works like nothing has ever happened. But this problem persists if I switch off the PC and start it again on a cold boot after 20-25 mins.
To troubleshoot I tried the basic steps
  • Tried running the system on 1 ram stick, interchanging stick/slots. Issue not fixed
  • Booted PC without GPU, PC boots and works fine (using teamviewer)
  • Uninstalling the GPU from device manager, using DDU to remove drivers and fresh install Nvidia drivers. Issue still there.
  • Resetting the BIOS to factory settings, disabling XMP. Issue still there.
  • Testing separate displays, issue still there.
Now I am very confused as to what the faulty component is/what the issue is. If the GPU is faulty then why does it give display after tuning off the PC & again starting it? If its not the GPU then why does it not get deducted during the cold boot?
Could the Motherboard PCI slot be faulty? I have recently bought a new PSU one month ago so I don’t think the PSU is at fault. Plus, the PC works fine without the GPU.

My PC specs for reference.
Ryzen 5 1600
MSI B450m Pro M2
Corsair 2*8GB RAM
Palit GTX 1060 6GB
Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 750
Jun 6, 2020
I'm experiencing a very similar issue, but with a 1650 Super. I'll list a troubleshoot list you can try

Disabling fastboot (on power settings and BIOS)
Resetting BIOS (ideally via jumper or removing the battery)
Older drivers
Reseating the GPU (take it out then put it back, look if the GPU and PCIe slot are clean)
I would try with other GPU or PSU just in case (it seems to be either my gpu/drivers or something weird with my mobo, since other GPUs work for me)

It really does sound like a driver issue tho, now I've installed only graphics controller using DDU (a guy with an OEM 750 tried this and worked, idk)
Also I have to mention that support from nvidia, evga (gpu) and gigabyte (mobo) told me to look for a technician :/