Question GPU not posting/ Gray display ?

Jan 15, 2023
GPU not displaying

I recently bought a rx 6600, I realized the performance is worse than my gtx 1080ti so after using it for a few weeks I put the 1080ti back in. It worked fine at first and I downloaded the latest drivers from nvidia. I games for an hour, I powered the system off and installed my new cpu heat sink and then suddenly I get no signal. I put the heat sink and everything back to how it was but still no display when my dp cable is plugged into the 1080ti. When I put the rx6600 back into the pc it runs fine again. Device manager when the 1080ti is in and I’m using mobo display port says that the device status on the 1080ti is: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) CPU Z doesn’t detect the 1080ti. Also, the I have the monitor connected to the 1080ti it doesn’t say no signal, the screen is just gray and yes the fan spins on the gpu.

Asus prime z-590-p mobo
I7 10700
Evo 970 1tb m.2 boot ssd
2tb ssd
Corsair 500w psu
Zotac 1080ti/Powercolor RX 6600