Question GPU not recognized by pc

Apr 29, 2020
Hello, I was upgrading my sisters PC today and I ran into some trouble. After problems with the hard drive I had to format it and start a fresh windows install.

When that was done, it finally loaded into Windows 10, but it would only output from the GPU from the HDMI cable, not the displayport I wanted to use. I noticed the ethernet port wasn't working, so I looked in the device manager and saw the ethernet port and the pci port were not working and to download the drivers for them. I tried downloading the drivers and it said something like you don't have the right card for this driver.
I had went to nvidias website and picked the card. It didn't come with a disk.

I am upgrading the processor (i5-9600), the mobo (ASUS TUF B360-plus gaming), and the GPU (ASUS GTX 1650 super)

All the other components are being reused and worked earlier in the day. I'm having multiple problems with this build, but this is the most frustrating. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!