Question gpu not recognizeing

Aug 17, 2020
Hello guys
i just bought my new gpu 5600xt and it did not work with my pc thought maybe there's problem with the gpu I tried it on my Friend pc work flawless (new rig amd am4)
so the gpu have no problems so i said maybe power problem and i have 500 watt power supply so i think it's perfect but i manged to get another power supply just to make sure it's not power problem and not work again i tried rx570 and 1080 and 9500gt all work flawless i changed the motherboard and same thing i clear cmos reset bios to default and still the 5600xt when running i can enter the bios and show me visual no problem and and checking hardware sccreen but before start launching the windows it's just black screen when hit the power button as soon as button pressed turn off like the system actually never start
i tried one different screen hdmi and displayport
so the last thing i think that it could be a cpu problem ? cause i really i am out of idea idk what to do any more

motherboard: asus maximus iii formula
cpu: xeon 3470x
gpu: 5600xt
ram: 8gb ddr3 (1666mhz i think)

and if any one have the same problem pls let me know so we can help each other :)
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