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Question GPU not showing display

Jun 21, 2020
So after a few months I decided to clean my pc, install a new heatsink, take all my parts and stupidly on my part, I vacuumed my pc case (which have the motherboard and ram still in it). Plugging it all back, I had this bizzare problem which the cpu would turn on and off consistently for 5 seconds. It turns out, 1 stick of ram is causing the problem so I got rid of it. When the dvi-e connected to my GPU, cpu turns on, gpu lights fans on, but the monitor cannot pick up the signal. Strangely enough when i plug it back to the onboard graphics, it shows display on the monitor and boots up without a problem.

A little note here is that before I cleaned my PC, I tried to flash the default BIOS back to my GPU which is the RX 570 8GB considering that I bought this card off a miner about a year ago and I read somewhere that having a card tweaked in its BIOS is not essential for gaming. I used ATI Flash and I thought the flash was successful, considering that in my reboot after the flash, it was all normal and the core clock and memory are back to its default.

Now my question here is, Between a broken pci-e slot, a faulty gpu, or lack of ram, which is the culprit?

Im sorry that I don't have the luxury to test my GPU on another PC.

Please excuse my bad english as well.

PC Specs:
Asus b85m motherboard
Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 8GB
1x4 GB DDR3 Ram ( previously 2 sticks of ram for a total of 8 gb)
Seasonic 500W PSU

Thank you very much!



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