Question GPU not working????

Jan 27, 2021
So, long story short, I bought a used 780 ti yesterday. I tried to install with my current system but it doesn’t work. First I connected everything to the computer and turn it on. The fan on the gpu did spin but I couldn’t get any signal on my monitor. It didn’t even turn on. Then, I removed the 6 and 8 pcie cables and just left the card connected to the pcie slot. The card did turn on and the fans were spinning but again, not signal. Then, I took the card out of the pcie slot but plugged the pcie cables back in, turned the comp on. THE FANS DIDNT SPIN. For the cables, I’m using a molex to pcie 6 pin adapter on amazon, link can be seen below, and a 6 to 8 pin adapter. So right now my theory is that my adapters are crap and I needed to buy something else or the power connectors on the gpu itself is bust but i do not think this is the case because it still looks pretty dang new (I included pictures below). Hold on to your phone when I describe my psu situation. I’m running 2 different psu, connected by a 24 pin splitter (you see in mining rigs). One is 350w and one is 300w. Old psu but still work and the 300w is dedicated for the gpu. As of software, I currently have a GT1030 so I do have the Nvidia driver already. I asked the seller and he said it worked when he tested on January 21, 2021. He also said he used the same driver for his 980ti. Do u guys think that it’s a hardware or software problem? I personally think it’s a software issue because the card does feel hot after i let it runs for a while so the core and vram must be working. Please let me know what you guys think!

Other system specs:
I5 7400
2x8gb 2400mhz
sata 1tb hdd
Mobo: hp 82f2
Gpu(currently): MSI GT1030
Gpu(trying to install): MSI GTX 780ti twin frozr OC

amazon links:
molex to 6 pin:

6 to 8pin:

edit: so quick question, if you plug the pcie power cables in but not into the pcie slot, does the card power on?
Get a new,normal psu dude.
I had a crappy psu with my used r9 380 and didn work.Bought a new psu and it worked.
Also never use adapters,if your psu doesnt have enough pcie conectors,it means it was never intended to be used to power a gpu.Buying adapters will only make things worse,especially from sata to pcie.