Question GPU or Monitor dying? Acer XF240H no signal on DisplayPort at startup ?


Mar 18, 2015
Hey fellas.

My system has gained a couple of bad habits around the years, but one is annoying in particular.
Sometimes (say once a week) when I start my PC, my monitor won't recognize the video signal from my GPU.
Changing the source from DisplayPort to HDMI or DVI and back doesn't help, neither does turning the monitor off and on again.

The only solution is to power off my PC, wait a few seconds, power it on again then on the 2nd time it always works.
The DisplayPort is connected well to both sides (I triple checked).
The monitor is Acer XF240H as mentioned in the title, GSync is Disabled, 144Hz.
The GPU is a GTX 1060 6GB from Gigabyte (WindForce 2x oc), it is older than the monitor (4-5 years?).

I've also noticed some gray instantly disappearing artifacts (those that pop for only a few milliseconds) appear sometimes
when I use my PC. Usually it looks like a rectangle, spanning across the entire width of the display, but only covers
around a quarter of the height of the display, and it is often in the bottom half of the display.

The monitor itself had 1 stuck / red pixel within the first few months of usage, I sent it to repair because I had warranty,
and they fixed it. Not sure if it could be related.

Is there any test I can distinguish the problem from the GPU or the monitor?
Thanks for your help.