Question GPU or Monitor

Jun 22, 2019

I have a 2080 TI RTX to auros OC card and a PG27UQ 4k asus monitor

And i have been asking people on different forums, but now i want to challenge you people in here
with my problem. So i hope you have the time to try and help me.

I got this wierd problem that seems to be rare because i only spoke with 3 other people who have allmost the same problem.
But one had a EVGA card and a acer predator 4k monitor.

My problem :

When i power on my pc then its totaly random if my HZ and Bpc settings in nvidia controle panel has been changed to either 82 hz 8 bpc or 30 hz 8 bpc.
It can also happen after a reboot or if the the monitor needs to refresh/update when i enter or exit a fullscreen game. So i need to check in the Nvidia settings
to see what HZ and bpc my pc use every time i boot up.

Normaly i use 98 hz 10 bpc with HDR enabled and i tryed to set this option to use Nvidia defaults and user setup.
But it dosent matter what i do. Its like russian roulette if the hz changes to 82 or 30 hz. Both rates on 8 bpc.
And then i cant choose anything above these hz rates until i reboot again and then my original settings has been loadet again if i am lucky.

I tryed to use another DP cabel that is even better than the cable that came with the monitor.
And i tryed with 3 new 2080 ti cards from gigabyte auros.
Now im gona try with a Asus strix 2080 rtx ti card on friday when i get my hands on it.

Could it be the monitor that wont coop with the GPU ? or just unlucky 2080 cards from gigabyte ?
Have anyone had this problem before ?

Here is what i tryed so far:

  • Reinstall win 10
  • New DP cabel
  • Replace 2080 ti cards " the first card had artifacts and broke after 2 month" but the problem was the same with the HZ change.
  • Disable/enable G synch
  • Make and choose profiles that would set the monitor to the given hz i wanted.
  • Tryed every DP on the cards ( 3 ports )
  • Old/New/Clean install drivers from Nvidia
Plus alot of other silly tweaks that dident work.

I can only conclude it happens very random and it dosent matter if its a reboot or a fresh boot power on.
Im clueless..


Did you recreate the installer for your OS using Windows Media Creation Tools? Which version of the OS are you on? You might want to see if a BIOS update is pending on your motherboard. Did you use DDU to clean install your GPU drivers?