Question GPU or Power Supply Problem?

Dec 24, 2018
I've been having these automatic random shutdowns for the past weeks, and I cant figure out what's causing the issue.
I have this GB GTX 960 and a generic power supply, I know that computers today has the automatic shutdown feature when it detects a alarming temperature,
but my PC sometimes shuts down even when my GPU is 40c - 50c while playing Dota 2 in lowest graphics and its so horrible. I have replaced the thermal paste and cleaned everything a couple of times just this month just to ensure that the temperature is not causing the random shut down. What's strange is that when I stress test my GPU, sometimes it shuts down at 70c and sometimes it could reach up to 90c and wont shut down, and after stressing, I can play dota 2 at highest graphics and finish a game without unwanted events. I suspect that this PSU is causing the random shutdown thing, and I am planning to replace it with a decent brand but first of all I want to confirm that the PSU is the problem and not my GPU (I would still replace my PSU coz its generic, before it kills my whole PC) I have no extra PSU and GPU to swap test.

What i did already :

Replaced Thermal Paste 3-4 times just this month
Cleaned the heatsink and everything
Swap test RAM/Reseat RAM
Reinstall Drivers

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks : ))
Yes, random re-starts like that are normally associated with the PSU. Without being able to swap ether PSU or GPU, there is very little else we can offer by way of a definitive answer.

Yes, getting a decent EVGA G2/G3, Seasonic Focus Plus Gold, Corsair RMX/RMi will serve you well. They all have 5-10 year warranties and are made with quality parts.


My canned random reboot Rant
Random reboots are usually caused by the PSU, the RAM or software AND in that order of likely-hood.
PSU - If you can borrow/swap a PSU for testing. sibling/friend you can swap out the PSU and each system will be testing the other.
RAM - run the system with one stick of RAM see if stability returns if not Test all the RAM with memtest 86 for five passes or overnight. if you get no 0 errors after more than five passes the ram is good. with the random reboots I would suggest running this test after the PSU swap or after the PSU has been cleared.
Software - Drivers or other issues can cause reboots. Boot to a linux distro on a USB drive. mint linux will boot to memtest86. you can run the OS from the USB and await reboot.
end canned rant


Dec 18, 2011
Check if any of the electrolytic capacitors are bad (puffed up / swalen, have dryed up brown liquid on the top or bottom of them ), in the PSU (if you can see inside, or open it, but without touching anything inside), on the motherboard and on the graphics card.



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