Question GPU or PSU failure?


Apr 8, 2016
Ryzen 3200g
Gigabyte B450M DS3H AM4 mobo
16gb DDR4 3200
Sapphire RX 580 4gb (latest driver)
Seasonic Bronze 550 PSU

All parts are new except GPU (1 year) and PSU (PSU used for 5-6years)
Rx 580 started coil whine when fans were hitting 2900-3000 RPM and made heavy load games to go black screen (sound were looping on background still).
Restarted desktop couple of times...and using Afterburner to set custom fan curve, I've managed to keep it at 75c and 55% 2200 fan speed.
But after like 15min into heavy load game, it turned black screen again, NOT a force restart but black screen with sound still going/looping.

I would like to figure out if possible that is it GPU or PSU is causing this issue.
Any ideas and helps will be appreciated!!

if there is anything I didn't specify, LMK!!

RTX 2080

Jun 8, 2020
The conditions under which your games have problems (high load, high fan speed, 15 minutes into the game the screen goes black) sounds like a PSU issue; I had a similar experience many years ago when I had a PSU that wasn't good enough for the GPU I was running at the time.

The evidence for a possibly faulty PSU increases when you factor in the age of your current PSU. PSUs wear out over time and even the best ones need to get replaced eventually irregardless of the quality level. Generally the more durable it is, the longer it'll last, but it's a finite lifespan either way.

I'd replace your PSU with a similar Seasonic or Corsair unit, preferably 650 watts just in case you purchase hardware in the future that requires more juice. Get a gold-certified one while you're at it; Gold-certified units cost negligibly more money, but save you electricity over the life of the unit.

If you get it on and it doesn't fix the problem, you can always return it for free and get all your money back, so buying it is risk-free to you even though you don't know for sure your PSU is the problem.

Tom's Hardware has a great hardware on the Best PSUs; you should read it.