[SOLVED] GPU or something else causing this issue?


Feb 28, 2016
I've been having this issue when opening up a game like RuneScape and this only happens in the logon screen, and also happens when I open my start menu and start moving the mouse these boxes will start flashing and flickering.. These are the only two places i've seen this happen. All my drivers are up to date. GPU is a EVGA 1080 GTX and i have a i7 8700k.. Has anyone seen this issue before?

Here is a link for video that shows the issue.

View: https://imgur.com/6yIrDo8
i've seen similar issue with malfunctioning graphics cards and with corrupt drivers.

first try removing all graphics related data by running DDU in Windows Safe Mode
and freshly installing the latest driver package directly from Nvidia without GeForce Experience.

if the issue persists then you probably have a card that is failing.

you can also try a drive wipe and freshly installing your OS.
sometimes an issue withing the operating system can cause problems like this but it is not common at all.