Question (GPU Overclock?) Looking to Boost Performance SLIGHTLY |BDO, Details Inside. TLDR at bottom

Apr 26, 2019
So the drive to improve my performance slightly is inspired by one slightly suboptimally optimized game named BDO. What I am talking about is something very specific, and very 'small' in the grand sense of things. But I'd like to pick peoples brain and see if they think it is possible. So I'm going to first mention that this is in the name of being EFFICIENT, so it is technically not necessary, but it is something I'd like to try and do.

Cutting out lots of unnecessary details, FPS effects in-game performance in a way I'm not 100% sure of, just a general sense. For example, it's known that if you have higher FPS, your hits will register better as your attacks pass through enemy character models and you'll do 'more damage'. I had a theory that maybe its more about consistent FPS than Maximum FPS, and I limited my Nvidia Profile Inspector for this game to 159fps. (My Refresh Rate is 144, but Limiting my FPS to 145 with Nvidia Profile Inspector limits my in-game FPS to 135, so I just played Guess and check until I hit 144-145 in game fps with the limiter set to 159.9). Doing so seems to have the same effect as when my FPS is very high (200+) but doesn't fluctuate as wildly so seems to not bring up the issue that large fluctuations cause which will be explained just shortly later in this post.

I'm sorry this is out of order, I'm fitting this post into a small slot on my daily schedule so I still have a lot on my mind atm and my thinking is scattered. But with my PC Specs...

Main Gaming Monitor -- 1920x1080 144hz
Secondary Monitor -- 1400x900 60hz
Intel i7 8700k OC'd to 5.0ghz 1.37v
Nvidia GTX 1080 ti Factory Settings
32gb RAM
Windows 10 Patch 1703

So, my FPS doesn't vary wildly until I hit the very high end of the settings in the game. Graphics Levels of... Optimal, Very Low, Low, Medium, Slightly High, and High all act the same on all 3 Levels of texture Quality (Low, Medium and High). With Remastered and Ultra Graphics being SLIGHTLY Lower.

Optimal -High Graphics and Low-High Texture all idle about 260 FPS in the Wild (Low Mob count, Low Player Count, High Tree/World Element Count). and about 170-210 in Grinding Spots. (High Mob Count, Low-Medium Player count, High World Element Count).

What FPS Fluctuations Cause + My Question
The Problem that I am having, is occasionally, facing specific directions that reveal a lot of stuff and hitting a ton of the mobs at the same time, the FPS will drop from my cap of 145 to about 120. Which, regardless of following my theory, or the overall rule of BDO that FPS = Important, that it isn't good, and even has a noticeable impact on the game itself. What happens, if the FPS does drop below refresh rate, or even if uncapped, drops from a higher FPS to a lower FPS, rather than the same animation looking less fluid, it actually takes slightly LONGER to complete, and I'm nit-picking about efficiency here, so small hiccups that happen relatively often, feel like they would add up quickly over multiple hours and cause a much larger impact in my overall efficiency than I want.

Neither my CPU or GPU max out playing this game, but the % usage for CPU seems to sit around 20-25%, and GPU will never go past 60% even on the highest settings. CPU has a large portion of the game reliant on it, and I was basically just fishing for ideas on how to improve performance just enough that the FPS won't drop below my refresh rate as often. I could take an OBS/Shadow play recording, but with their FPS' being 60, you wouldn't actually be able to see much if anything.

TLDR -- Limited my FPS tp 144 to preserve smoothness, sometimes when hitting a ton of mobs at once it drops below 144 to around 120, wondering with my current setup of CPU OC and GPU not OC that I can try and take to get slightly more performance and reduce the number of times that happens.


Black Desert Online?

I would think anything related to player performance would be server side and out of your control. You might be observing something strange in the client, but that doesn't mean that is actually what is happening. This would be a time for game logs and some statistical analysis if you wanted to go into that much detail. If not an MMO, then I have no idea.

Some, much older, games had aspects of the game that were dependent on CPU performance, but we are talking early 90s. Not much sense for programmers to do anything like that today. I can't imagine using the actual geometry displayed on the screen for hit detection...I suppose it would make every player feel like they are interacting directly, though in many games the netcode is all handled mathematically with simplified models rather than the actual graphics represented to the user.

GPU performance shouldn't matter at all, which appears to be what you observe, so I suspect you have some single threaded aspects of the game engine that are limited by the CPU. Even though you have 12 threads at your disposal, any single threaded part will only ever be able to go as fast as a single core. Even if the load is distributed (duty cycle) by passing the load from one core to the next and it appears that the whole CPU is partially in use, it isn't logically.

Have you tried V-sync?