Question GPU passes benchmarks without issue, but crashes when idle/not in use ?

Jan 27, 2021
I have a new build, with an older GTX970 I had used for years before without issue (though it did sit for a year).

I suffered constant lockups and crashes which I determined was the GPU. I had updated all drivers in windows, but also switched to Linux as well, which still crashed. On windows I'd get BSOD with VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR, and on linux the logs would more clearly point out a nvidia error. After removing the GPU the pc has been stable.

Here is the odd thing though. I benchmarked the heck out of this computer, including CPU, GPU, Memory, etc. Used unigine heaven, superposition, GSAT, Prime95, HCI Memtest, and others. No errors lockups would ever occur when actually in use. It would only crash at random times when the PC is just sitting there idle with the monitor off having not been touched for hours.

PSU is a quality seasonic platinum and I put it on an oscilloscope (granted a budget one), and did not see any signs of unstable power.

Any ideas why this card would decide to want to start crashing at idle?