Question GPU performance temporarily dropping when overclocked

May 28, 2019
Hello everyone

I own a MSI gtx 1080 ti gaming x trio with an i5 8600k overclocked to 5.0 GHZ. i've been using my GPU overclocked with +60 core clock and a +700 memory clock.
This runs all well and good but i tried to put the clocks a little lower because i sometimes think i see little flickers in the screen. But here is where the problem starts.
When i set the core clock the same to +60 and the memory to 600 or 650, my performance drops after a short gaming session from 100 fps average (1440p) to 60 fps average.
Sometimes even dropping to 20 fps and staying there constant, the gpu also says it's working at 100%. When i do a reboot of the system it gets back to that 100 fps till the same cycle returns.

I find it a really strange problem wich i can't find a lot of threads about.
Maybe some of you guys have the same experience? Hope to hear so!