Question GPU possibly not drawing enough power??

Apr 14, 2021
Hey everyone!
First of all sorry if my description is all over the place, idek where to start...
Few months back I build my new pc:
Ryzen 9 5950X
RX 6800XT (Sapphire Nitro+)
32GB 3600Mhz Corsair RAM
Asus ROG Crosshair 8 Dark Hero
Be Quiet Dark Pro Power 11 850W

At first everything was fine but after about two months my entire rig started acting up. Initially I had a problem with my pc crashing (I believe it was the GPU driver) when using AMDs Smart Access Memory technology. After leaving it turned off everything was fine again.

Now on to my newest problem. Whenever my desk would move/shake just a tiny bit (my pc is sitting on top) sometimes both my monitors would turn black, show no input and you could see the GPU fans stopped spinning. After a short while the entire pc froze and shut down, sometimes even restarting itself. Before that I was encountering the same problem but hadn‘t made the connection between pc crash and desk shaking. I had also tried reinstalling windows and all the necessary drivers fr scratch. Since that didn’t help and my pc performance got worse and worse over the weeks, going from constant 140fps in Warzone (1440p) to 140fps dropping down to 80fps for just half a second causing immense lag/stutter to constant 80fps and supper stuttering gameplay.

After reading a bit through some articles I found out that the GPU has power spikes here and there and that a 850W PSU is recommended, which I have. Nevertheless I decided to check the PCIe cable connections on both ends and I found that some of the pins weren't fully inserted on the PSU side. After pushing them fully in, my GPU wouldn’t start at all (no lights, fans spinning, nothing). After switching the PCIe cable and using a different slot on the PSU the GPU would turn on again leaving me to believe that the connectors on the cable/PSU slot were just loose and that I had give in the final knockout by pushing it all the way back in.

Unfortunately that entire solution only lasted a couple of days and now I‘m back to FPS drops ingame and sometimes, when under heavy load, a pc crash including black screens and a loud buzzing noise on my headphones.

Tried listening to the pc parts for a lil and the GPU is making this sizzling, electrical noise which I believe is just coil whine and the PSU is also making a super quiet electrical noise which I believe is not coming from the fan.

I‘m pretty exhausted by now because basically my entire pc has just been giving me so many headaches and I have no idea what to do. I‘m no tech geek at all an am hoping that my description could maybe help anyone of you put there to figure this out 😅

Thank you so much for reading until here and taking your time
Kind regards