Question GPU/Power Supply question

Jan 7, 2022
I have a new build I just recently completed (First time). Randomly my screen will turn off and the system will shut down. I sent GPU to manufacturer and they tested and determined nothing was wrong but sent me a new one for peace of mind. I installed it and same thing is happening. I am now questioning if my power supply is sufficient enough for my build. I will list the GPU and PSU below. Any help is appreciated.
PSU : EVGA 600 BR, 80+ Bronze 600W, Power Supply 100- BR-0600-K1
GPU : XFX AMD Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition Graphics Card
I would do a memtest to rule out RAM causing issues. If the ram is good I would try to swap in a different PSU to test. As far as wattage goes that PSU is enough for your system, so you didn't go wrong there, though if you upgrade your GPU in the future you may need a higher wattage PSU as your system stands it can pull around 220-260 watts under a worst case without the GPU. If you needed to get a new PSU to test I would grab something like this assuming you are in the USA.
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I have a question, are you using the vertical GPU mount? If so try and plug the GPU directly into the motherboards PCIe slot. The riser cables that come with vertical GPU mounts are know to have lots of issues. Please do this before you get the new PSU.