Question GPU powering off while gaming ?

Apr 6, 2021

Recently, my PC has been making a lot more noise than the usual, I proceeded to clean it real good but the noise is somehow louder than before, I can almost hear something vibrating.

In the last few weeks, I have had some weird issues, such as random BSOD (just twice I think) and sometime when I booted my monitor was just black until I restarted it.

Yesterday, after a 8 hours sessions of Total War Warhammer 2, I went on to play Siege and it crashed : black screen with no signal on monitor and ALL the fans went up to 100% making a SUPER loud noise.

I restarted and it did the same after 2 minutes of gaming (no fan super speed this time), my temps are fine (no more than 80C on GPU). Don't have any performance issue, GPU was performing well between the two crashes. I have an OC on CPU, which I will undo as soon as I get the new PSU.

My first thought is PSU since its a 5 years old one and a not so good one. I'am now too afraid to start the PC again as I don't want to fry anything. I have ordered a RM650X and it should come in tomorrow.

Was gonna replace it anyway as I was suspecting it to make a lot of noise and its a disturbance to my SO sleep.

Last info : I have been gaming pretty intensely since lockdown (like 10 hours a day)

Thank you so much for your advices.
Here is my SPEC :
I7 9700K
2x8 DDR4 Corsair 3200 mzh
MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk
LEPA MaxBron BM650 650W - 80+ Bronze
1 M2 SSD
1 Sata SSD
1 sata HDD


Well you answered yourself and took steps to solve the problem...
with that GPU + CPU combo and 5 year old no name brand PSU what do you expect?
Change your PSU and write again if the problem persist.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Over time, the aging of capacitors and continued stress on the PSU will cause them to degrade, reducing the effective amount of power it can deliver to the entire system. I'd ask you to borrow a reliably built PSU from your friend or neighbor and try powering up the system with the bare minimum.

What aftermarket cooler are you using atop that i7-9700K? Remove all overclocks, set to defaults, see if that brings some life back to the system.