News GPU Prices Continue to Decline in October


Oct 3, 2022
Do you guys realize how wrong these articles are each time you post them.

The reason the price of these cards has been going down lately, and your bazillion and one articles about it, has nothing to do with the cards, the GPU market, scalpers or cryptomining.

The reason you see lower prices when you compare US prices in $ is because the $ has been gaining over every other currency and none of these cards are made in the US, but in Taiwan.

These articles would be similar to an article arguing that Japanese goods got discounts the last couple of months. No they didn't, it is only when you own $ that everything is cheaper now. It has didly squat to do with the goods from Japan themselves, for Japanese using their Yen, they cost the exact same, for the manufacturers actually making them they are priced the exact same.

The reason I am so sure about this, is that I keep an eye out on GPU prices in the rest of the world. And I can tell you that in most of the world, GPU have not been going down in price at all the last couple of months.
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Sep 11, 2022
"Buy now?"
As can be seen in the linked GPU benchmarks history*, i.e. RTX 3060 Ti and Radeon RX 6700 XT, at 1080p they provide around 90 FPS, and at 1440p they provide around 70 FPS.

That's good for gaming. Myself, I wouldn't mind to have constantly over 100 FPS at 1440p, so I will wait - particularly also because currently building an entire new rig (already picked the case, PSU, and CPU cooler). But depending on the prices then, it would still be plenty good to go e.g. for RTX 3070 or RX 6750 XT, even if I may have to do without highest graphics settings in a handful of fast-paced games.

Sep 17, 2022
Sloppy pricing info as mickrc3's comment shows. Also, these are rare items, most listings in these product categories are much higher prices. This is a BAD time to buy because we know prices are falling, new GPU info from AMD is only 2 weeks away, and prices are still way too high with a long way to fall.

No consumer who does not have a commercial/business/money reason to buy a GPU should buy a GPU before Black Friday at the very earliest and more like 2023 if you can wait.
im willing to bet nvidia is currently artificially limiting supply of the 4090 to keep prices inflated and to shift consumers to the rtx 3000 series

People have been saying that against Nvidia since the GTX 480 came out for a (at the time) stunning $500 MSRP price 12 years ago (that's nearly $700 in today's USD for the bean counter nerds). Back then there were claims of intentional supply shortages to keep the 280/285 prices still high. The funny thing however is that I never have read those same comments about AMD GPUs when they come out with new cards. I guess they never fly off the shelves at the same rate with a hot new release huh?
Oct 20, 2022
US$2250? These prices are just insane. I don't care what you get for the money; it's just too much money. $225 and we'll talk.