GPU prices going to drop soon ? 2018


Jan 31, 2017
Aynone have any idea ? Because i dont think bitcoin is goin anywhere. So shoud i buy that gtx 1060 6gb for 400$ or will it every go back to MSRP ?


GPU prices are more likely to go up in the near future due to DRAM pricing.

The prices due to mining are another matter, and they aren't really driving the prices up, just those are the high priced ones people aren't buying.

I suggest using a site like to try and nab a GPU at something like MSRP. You will have to be quick.

$330, still high, but better than $400.

Very similar to new GPU launches, took me almost ten days (three successful checkouts mind you, but with, sorry out stock e-mails shortly following) before I was able to actually get a GTX1080 at launch.
I suspect that government regulations on cryptocurrencies will expand, and that could potentially cause their inflated prices to collapse, or at least stop showing the kind of significant gains that caused the recent run on graphics cards. The value of most of these currencies is already significantly down from where it was a month ago, so that may already be happening. I can't say for sure that the price of graphics cards will recover anytime soon though.

Of course, one other thing to keep in mind is that the GTX 1060 was released over a year and a half ago. We'll more than likely see a newer, better generation of graphics cards released sometime this year.


It is going to be a while before something like a GTX2060 comes out. If they stick to the normal schedule and release mid-year it will be the 80 series card, then followed a few weeks by the 70 series card. 60 series cards are usually another GPU entirely. Normally half the size of the 80 series GPU and delayed a few more weeks.

May 2016 - 1080
June 2016 - 1070
July 2016 - 1060 6GB
Aug 2016 - 1060 3GB

So if you feel like you can wait 5+ months, it might be worthwhile.

Though there is little information about consumer Volta GPUs, or if something else is in the works. I'm curious if they are going HBM or GDDR6. Given the prices, I suspect it will be GDDR6 for the 60 series at least. Maybe HBM for the big ones, or GDDR6 across the board with the big ones getting Samsung's faster stuff.

They're making new stock all the time, the problem is they just can't make them fast enough. The obvious solution would be to increase their capacity, which they might, but this is a huge decision as it's very expensive to do so and if the market changes they will be out of pocket.

To make matters worse, there is a shortage of memory for just about everything that requires RAM, from smart phones to graphic cards.....again, it seems like they should just increase capacity and I'm sure they will eventually, but it's going to take a while before the price drops.

May 11, 2018

i dont think GPU's prices will drop anytime soon, i been also thinking of buying 1060, but will it pair up with a Ryzen 7 1800X as i been reading reviews, most say to of course get 1070, or best a 1080ti, like i can just wipe out cash anytime i like, if that was so well yes i would, but i have to think before i act, a person like my self-has to buy with the intention that this is the card am gonna use for a few years, i don't got it like others.But Skybolt: you can probably find a 1060 for a little less then $400 big ones, 4 is a good amount to dish out, so think about it

This thread is from over 5 months ago, when the prices of these cards were much higher. There isn't really any notable shortage anymore, and prices have dropped substantially since then, though they are still somewhat high, especially considering that Nvidia should be releasing a new generation of graphics cards over the coming months. Supposedly, the GTX 1180 will be launching around the end of next month, and if their release history is any indication, there will probably be a GTX 1160 with 1070-like performance at a below-$300 price point later this year.

As for the Ryzen 1800X, if your primary goal is gaming, then there are CPUs that will get slightly better gaming performance at a lower price, since today's games won't utilize that many cores and threads and probably won't for quite a while. A Ryzen 2600X with six cores and twelve threads will get better performance in games, and comes with a good stock cooler. Or, if you want to use a different cooler and overclock for potentially slightly more performance, there's the regular Ryzen 2600 at a lower price still. The i5-8400 is another good option, as it costs a bit less still, and can get slightly higher performance in most of today's games, even if it lacks hyperthreading.


Yep, the mining market has finally started selling off their no longer/marginal profitable Nvidia GPUs. So the demand took a nose dive. On top of that, all those cards hitting the used market means there should a lot less people buying new. AIB partners have been returning GPUs to Nvidia instead of producing cards. They are also going to be in on the loop and might already be assembling the new GPUs and don't have the capacity to do both.

My guess is they will release the new cards in the US and Europe, let the old GPU stock get sold off, and re-brand the excess Pascal GPUs for sale in Asia.

Though DRAM prices are still high, and demand increasing constantly with so many new devices needing high speed memory, so cards likely won't reach the same low prices from a year or two ago.

AMD is set to release some GPUs as well. If they are good for mining still, probably won't be that easy to get and their price will be higher than MSRP. They've been promising GTX1080 performance at a mid-range price (Think ~$350). Now Nvidia should eventually get the 60 series card out, and that could easily be around the same pricing and performance.

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