Question GPU Problem or Motherboard?


Mar 9, 2016
I have a 2080ti ( i've had it for about a year or two) and last month or so, I was playing on my computer until the display turned into a solid color, there was no mouse. I had to force shutdown my pc and when I started it up again and logged back in, the display turned brown after waiting on the desktop for a few seconds.

I took out the 2080ti and put it in another PC and the problem didn't occur, I played multiple games on the PC and it didn't give any problems so I tried,
  • updating bios
  • using DDU to delete drivers and reinstalling them
  • resetting windows
  • swapping the power supply to a 850w Corsair
  • installing a older version of nvidia drivers
There is one strange thing to note, I tried a different GPU, ( 980ti, I had it for a long time, before I got the 2080ti. ) and it had booted and there was no display problems. However, a week of using it I encountered a problem with the GPU, The PC couldn't post with the GPU inserted, again I tried the 980ti on another PC and it didn't post. So i'm guessing the 980ti is dead.