[SOLVED] GPU, PSU or motherboard died ?

Jan 9, 2019
Hey, have a problem with my parts (guessing it's the GPU). PC wasn't able to start ( previously it crashed while I was gamin, horizontal lines where everywhere had to restart, it didn't want to start), I went into Safe Mode and deleted the AMD drivers (even in Safe Mode the screen had vertical/horizontal lines), I restarted it and the PC turned on but there we're still lines all over the screen, I also tried opening the BIOS but the PC just freezes, is it a motherboard problem then ? (I don't know much about PCs he). Later I tried plugging the monitor cable into the motherboard and the lines we're gone (but then of course I can't use my main GPU for gaming). Can it be the PSU ( It's an Raidmax Cobra RX-600AF-B 600w ) that's not sending enough power to the GPU idk ? Also if the GPU died, can I get an RX 580 8gb Nitro+ on a GA-H81M-D3H motherboard ? Sorry for asking a similar question again, I just want to be sure, Thanks!
What are the components?

There mabe multiple problems. The vertical/horizontal lines is one of the various weird displays that indicate a failing GPU. There is also a possibility that it is the monitor that is failing. The images created by a failing graphics card vary quite a bit from GPU to GPU. Some are just snowy. Some have a mass of horizontal steaks and lines across the middle of the screen. And others that I've seen had little squares all over the screen.

Can you post a screenshot of the problem?

When it is a failing monitor the lines are usually one or the other (vertical or horizontal). And they are often brightly colored (lime green. purple, red, etc.). And they tend to stay in one place on the screen.