Question GPU randomly turning on/off at idle state & Afterburner fan curve question!


Jun 19, 2017
Hi - Here is my system info to begin with.

Ryzen 2600 X
Gigabyte 1660 OC triple fan 6gb
Gigabyte 450M DSH3 (V1)

My issue started when I noticed that the GPU fans were randomly turning on for a second or two and then turning themselves off.
This was fine and I am assuming this is natural when gpu is hitting certain temp spike for a second or two. But, this started to annoy me
when one of the fans started to rattle whenever it's turning on. This meant hearing the rattling noise every time that fan turns on for a second or two.

This pushed me to use Afterburner to have the fans on just constantly ( Just so I don't hear the rattling noise). However, I've ran into an issue where the
fan curve is not working properly! For instance, I would set 15% fan in the range of 20 degrees to 30 degrees. When I click apply, it just goes into some
random spikes. Within 2 or 3 seconds, the fan would go from 1400 rpm to then 800rpm, and then hit 0 rpm. This would then repeat (as shown in the image)


Funny thing is, if I put the fan curve on the default mode, it works perfectly fine. This is the option that I've resorted to, but also am looking to ultimately fix this issue.

  1. Have you guys had any similar issue or know the fix for the Afterburner?
  2. Is the precondition that I've mentioned - fans just randomly turning on and off (guessing due to periodic temp. spike) - completely normal? I've really had no issue with other areas.
  3. Do you guys know where I could possibly find a replacement fan for my GPU card .

Thanks !


Dec 25, 2020
Strangely, my Gigabyte 3070 had the exact same issue today. I took the OC off, remounted the gpu. Went into afterburner and reapplied a new OC, which was half of the old one. And it stopped doing it. Not sure what the cause was, or if it is permanently fixed. My temps were sitting below 60