Question GPU Red Led light issue on B550 motherboard ?


Nov 25, 2018
Ok guys i know im not crazy or stupid but my mobo or something is playing tricks on me and it even left the people at the repairshop confused
I bought an B550 Aorus Master and a Ryzen 9 3900x and my gpu is 1080ti Aorus and so i assemble everything nice And nothing happens the cpu cooler flashed white and thats it ok i said if its a psu issue (EVGA P2 650w Platinum Plus ) i should be carefull and i went to the repair guys they confirmed my doubts and said yeah Psu is dead .... so i get a Cooler Master V750 (semi modular) 750 watts.

I try to run the pc and everything lights up except Gpu fans would spin at normal speed but the Led lights on it would not but the lights where The 8 pin connectors go would be lit and so i said ok The gpu got toasted when i tried to run it the first time i put a friends 1060 Strix and the system booted in no time like it would post in 2 seconds ... and so back to repair guys to check my gpu i go BUT they call me and laugh they say the GPU is WORKING and i come there see it connected to the most basic mobo psu and cpu and its runing unigine heaven Like a boss. i go back home put it back in nope still the same thing. btw here is the list of things i tried:

  • connecting it to HDMI
  • Connecting it to dvi to displayport Adapter
  • mobo bios update
  • reinstall the SSD with all the newest Drivers
  • let it run on a vertical gpu stand on a box (in case a metal contact is an issue )
  • Cmos Reset
  • connect the gpu to my Tv via HDMI
  • putting the gpu in the different slot
  • setting the bios pcie speed to 3.0 instead of automatic option
I am sorry for this long question but we just cant figure it out When the gpu is in the mobo i get the "AA" code on it which means that its all good to go BUT the small VGA led on the motherboard is lit i asked a dozen people but everyone is just confused this is not a prehistoric gpu its fully compatible to the board (or so i think at least ) because if mobo was broken then the 1060 just wouldnt go on it