Question GPU RTX 3070 ROG gaming Issue

Dec 19, 2020
hello there,
im not sure if its my gpu or something else
i have this GPU 11 months and before 2 days was somethng strange on mydesktop like colors was dmg or something after a restart was fine and today the same story i restart my pc and i reinstall my gpu drivers (now)but when im playing games i have zero issues
(sorry for my bad english)
my system
Mobo: rog gaming f
cpu: 3900x
ram: corsair vengeance pro 3600 mhz
psu: EVGA 750 Gold
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Could be, you might try rolling drivers back, but not knowing the warranty coverage if you need to rma it, do it quick.

Someone on here told me when was having issues with a card that the manufacturer warranties aren’t as long as they used to be. So do what you have to do, but report it to the company ASAP so they can’t say the card is outside warranty and leave you paying for the card to be fixed.