Question GPU Running at 100%

Jul 1, 2021
While playing games like Arma 3 and CK3 I like to watch some youtube at the side. Whenever I do this my video fps drops. I checked my GPU usage and I saw that it was at 100% when I had the game open. I tried changing my power management mode and it helped a little bit but the same issue still occurs. I also get fps pauses without my fps counter going down being above 60 and getting a 1 fps for a second. I assume that the problem is the 100% usage issue while playing Arma which is a CPU-intensive game. I think it could be because of a bottleneck in between my CPU and GPU. I have also noticed that my ram usage has gone up around 10-20%.

My specs:
MSI GTX 1660 super
Gigabyte Z590 Gaming x
8x2 2666GB Ram
550W PSU