Question Gpu running half speed(slow)

May 5, 2021
Hi all. Thanks for reading.

My gpu seems to be running rather sluggish for the last while. My pc specs are as follows:

I5 9400 with integrated graphics
Rx570 8gb msi gpu
16gb Corsair vengeance ram
1tb m.2 ssd western digital
750 watt kratos power supply
Asus tuf b365 mobo

I use to be able to play Black ops Cold war with a solid 60 fps at 1440p on high settings. I was amazed at the cards performace for just 220 canadian dollars. But lately I cant get black ops to run any better than 1080p with medium settings. I recenly bought bannerlord and can fee and see the lag as well in that game, even on mid to low settings. Even at 1080p I use to get around 120 to 140 fps at high settings.

I tried many tips and installed the newest updates, I've uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them. I even did a clean fresh start with windows and nothing will work. I also cleaned out my pc case and card but there was hardly any dust to be seen. My temps also seem fine for gpu and cpu.

Has anyone had this problem before? Im at my wits end as to what it could be. Computer seems to be just a zippy as ever. It just struggles to do what it once did in terms of graphics power
May 5, 2021
Hi thanks for the reply so quickly. Should I post during gameplay or at the main menu? Sorry I'm pretty new to PC gaming and problems solving still
May 5, 2021
At the main menu my stats using gpu z are as follows

gpu clock 1211.5 mhz
mem clock 1750 mhz
gpu temp 74 celcius
fan speed 29%
fan speed rpm 1244
gpu load 100%
mem controller load 31%
memory used (dedicated) 7457 mb
memory used (dynamic) 1233 mb
gpu chip power draw 99.3 w
vddc power draw 57.3 w
vddci power draw 10.7 w
vrm.efficiency 90%
vddc @ 0.8000
cpu temp 57.0 celsius
system memory used 11335 mb

I did do a malware bytes scan before reinstalling windows and it had me quarentine 4 threats.

It just seems odd that everything use to work so well and now it works terribly . i tried black ops again at 1080p and it can barely handle it with medium high settiings