Question GPU Running Hot with Custom Watercooling

Apr 4, 2020
Good morning everyone, I wonder whether someone can assist.
I have built my second custom watercooling loop and running some hot temperatures. The GPU is a RX5700XT, not overclocked, with an EK waterblock applied by the professional seller (ocUK). I think I have reasonable fans (Thermaltake Riing duo) on a 360 radiator ( Magicool G2 Slim radiator 16 FPI). After setting it up I have run some benchmark and the temps on the GPU were very reasonable (50-60C and 90 on junction), but recently I have started running Folding@home and the junction temperature stays steady on 110. I am aware that this type of GPU is expected to run hot, but I thought this temperature was expected on normal cooling and was expecting lower on water. Touching the tubing, they are reasonably hot (surface temp reader says 45) and so is the radiator, suggesting that the heat exchange occurs as expected on the waterblock, but possibly not dissipated efficiently enough. Increasing or reducing fan speed seems to have no effect. The CPU is on a separate loop, so not contributing. Any thoughts? Is it the radiator not dissipating enough?


Obviously you knew to check if fans rpm's are cranked, working, etc... Make sure pump us working, etc....

Less obvious culprits could be dust. Check your dust filters and vacuum your system. Dirty filters will destroy temperatures with liquid as it blocks airflow from cooling the radiator.

Another culprit is air in the loop but thats rare and i doub it. You would have to bleed the system using the recommended method based on your components.

Or it could just be the folding app running your gpu under so much load the cooler cant keep up. Gpus run hot and it takes lots to cool, especially with liquid. This would be my guess. Liquid doesnt always perform better than air which fools a lot of people.

To cool gpus people usially use multiple radiators, high end fans, etc....