Question GPU runs hotter with Ryzen 3 1200 than FX 6300


Jun 5, 2018
GPU R9 380 4GD5, Powercolor @755-800Mhz/1475Mhz
both systems used a pair of kingston A400 SSDs and a bronze EVGA 600watt PSU
both systems were housed in similar but nearly identical cases with similar fan power and config

the fans are
4000 RPM 80mm front fan
2500 80mm rear fan

old system
CPU FX 6300
MoBo ASUS M5A97 EVO (M51-BC MATX version)
RAM 8+4+4GB DDR3

New system
CPU Ryzen 3 1200
MoBo Aorus B450 M

All testing done with fans at maximum then dialed back when possible for sound control afterwards
Astroneer, Far Cry 4, Paladins (esport, low load) I have to drop all to low settings just for thermals

Both CPUs ran between 50-55 degrees C in testing

on the old system it would stay under 70C on midrange/high (not ultra) settings in 1080, now it wants to hit 90C for anything 1080. low settings. I have to drop to 720 and cap frames at 30 just to keep it at 70.

so does ryzen and new motherboard just utilize more of the GPU making it run hotter? or do I need to work on

I'm going to break it down and repaste the CPU and GPU but im convinced thats not it, i simply dont know what else to do


Try comparing apples to apples. If you were running ~70'C at 1080p "midrange/high" (whatever that means), try running the same thing and see how things look.

A couple of points to consider..
  • A 1200 is a a stronger CPU in terms of IPC - so the GPU may have been 'unleashed' a little more... Although an FX6300 should've paired well enough with a 380.
  • As you drop settings/resolution, the GPU is likely using less VRAM and pushing out substantially more frames .... That could see the GPU warming up.
both systems were housed in similar
What cases? With 80mm fans, it sounds like they're pretty dated cases, which could be problematic for a 380 (or any warm running GPU). You can't really compare something that seems 'similar', as you're potentially comparing apples and oranges.


Jun 5, 2018
both cases are matx, one slightly larger, but they have the same configuration and similar fans and overhead PSU. the front intake fan was salvaged from the original FX6300 cooler and runs max ~4000RPM, i moved that to the same position in the new case and ran all the same benchmark tests matching the original system. of course the new system has a wraith spire cooler vs the hyper T2 in the old system. the spire shoots out the side panel vent....kind of, no ducting of course, and the Hyper T2 on the FX6300 system shoots toward the PSU intake where any extra pressure thew PSU couldnt move was vented out the 2000RPM rear exhaust fan, as it is in both systems.

turns out I did a bad job pating the GPU last spring and somehow it wasnt an issue until i put the GPU in the new system. I was getting good temps before in the FX6300 system somehow, so I suppose the R3 1200 does push it a good bit harder. Repasted it this morning and I cleared the benchmarks that before were crashing the system as it passed 90C on the GPU are all holding around 70C and I dont even have the fans at max (that 4000RPM fan from the FX cooler is LOUD at full power!). Im back to running 1080 medium/high settings for at least 40FPS on most of the strenuous games I play, which is my target range. thanks for the input and helping accept that it was my fault before i went too far down the rabbit hole. idle temps on desktop with nothing but MSI AB open went from 60C down to 45C which is about the same as the old system. I still think its weird that the GPU thermal paste seemed to suddenly give up between a system swap, im going to keep an eye on it just in case moving forward, but at any rate, I have a better understanding if the appropriate amount of paste to use than I did months ago.

for interest sake, when I pulled the cooler off the GPU, the paste was all over the die plate. all the micro compnents mounted around the GPU were caked so bad I had to break out my plastic dental picks to clear it all out. I spent a good few minutes scrutinizing the rest of the board for thermal paste clumps and other debris just in case. The good news it, there was almost no paste between the GPU and the cooler plate, so it is getting decent contact The powercolor R9 380 is a great card, I hope to hold onto it through my next CPU upgrade. Im a cheapskate, so that will probably be something like a Ryzen 5 2600. Im not sure what to do with the FX6300 system, so I put my old GT 710 GPU in it to maybe sell as an E-sport box, but I dont know if it will even do that very well anymore haha maybe Ill just use it to host servers for games like terraria and such or just as a test setup for other projects.