May 16, 2012
I"m a heavy gamer and i got sick of my consoles crappy performance and limited options so I decided to build my first gaming pc. I am undecided about what GPU to get for around $400.I would also be looking to overclock my gpu.

intel i5 2500k (i will look to overclock this and use an h100i for cooling)


8 GB 2x4 CORSAIR Vengeance 1600MHZ

Corsair Carbide 500r case

evga 750w PSU

Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s HDD

128 GB ocz vertex 4 SSD

Blu ray reader

my monitor is a 32' 1080P led HD TV hooked up to my current PC with HDMI but i will be getting a BenQ XL2420T

I'm open to any suggestions or if there is anything I'm forgetting. Thanks for your time and any help I receive
Lol just realized my link for the GTX 660 Ti was not in my last post..

so either the 7950 or this card would serve you well.

Same thing applies to the gtx 660 Ti vs the AMD 7950 as it did with the 7970 vs gtx 670.

The AMD card will give you around 5-10% higher FPS where as the Nvidia card will give you more features such as Adaptive vsync, physx, 3d vision, as well as having lower frame latency(slightly smoother game play in the 30-50 fps range vs the AMD).

So based off that information you will have to decide for yourself what you prefer.