Question GPU severely underperforming after?? an overnight update

Jun 24, 2021
Hey guys, I have a Asus Zephryus g14 ga401-IV (ryzen 9 4900hs, rtx 2060 maxq) laptop that is fairly new (2 months old). Just 5 days ago i was running all my games fine. Apex legends, 1080p, usually 144 fps, and everythings great. A few nights ago, my laptop updated i think, or it was stuck updating, because in the morning it wouldnt wake up from sleep, so i just force shutted it down. later that afternoon when i tried to play apex, i was getting 40% of the fps i usually get (60s to 70s fps). I tried messing with armoury crate settings (performance mode vs turbo vs balanced), checked my laptop power settings (high performance), but it didnt seem like anything was working. I then decided to restore the system to factory default (the Asus restore point), and the issue persisted. Since then, ive tried safe boot reinstalling both iGPU and GPU drivers with DDU, FOUND and fixed nvidia global settings (it was set to optimal thermals, i changed it to high performance), but this did nothing. I am so confused and frustrated how my GPU can suddenly just become botched like this. SInce then, ive done a bunch of logs and benchmarks.

My CPU, RAM, SSD, seem to run fine (getting 71 percentile for CPU in PassMark PerformanceTest, RAM and SSD in the green). However, my 2D mark (28 percentile) and 3D mark (39 percentile) scores were absolutely garbage. So i think its a GPU issue. My logs can be found here. This was obtained after running a long PassMark 3D mark test juist to simulate playing game.

Here are some of my observations:
  1. the rear exhaust vents by the hinge of the laptop is usualy very hot while gaming, but now it is barely warm even while playing for an hour.
  2. the GPU memory clock seems to stay constant... i tried using afterburner to boost it by like 400mhz but it really didnt do much
  3. the GPU seems to be drawing way less power than its tdp of 65W. A friend with the same laptop was able to reach 54W with minecraft ultra settings and shaders, but mine seemed to top out at around 35-38 even while playing apex for over an hour.
Any help or tips would be appreciated, ive currently disabled windows updates, and dont know what else to do. My laptop is still under warranty but can i even rma an issue like this?