Question GPU shuts down during games after Overclocking CPU


Nov 22, 2010
Hi Guys!

Just finished my new Ryzen build. I used MSIs Game Boost feature to increase the clock speed of the cores from 3.6 to 4.1 Ghz. I tried a few games to monitor the CPU temp and so far it was all good - max temp not exceeding 60 degrees.

However, the issue occurred when I started playing AC Odyssey. I lost connection to the monitor after I booted up the game. So CPU is on but no signal monitor. I restarted the pc and got the signal back. I tried to boot AC again and same issue occurred and I noticed that the GPU shut down. The CPU has power and all components are on except for the GPU. Please note that I can play AC before doing the Game Boost.

I turned Game Boost off and issue did not re-occured. Played AC for a few hours without issues. I suspect that the issue might be with the PSU as the GPU is losing power. Its possible that the PSU cant supply enough power by OCng all 6 cores. But Im not so sure since I don't really OC. I just tested the BIOS Game boost feature.

Any insights on this will be appreciated. Thanks!

BTW, below are my PC specs:

Ryzen 5 2600x
Deep Cool Gammaxx 400 CPU cooler
MSI B450 Gaming Plus
GSkill trident z 3200 8GBx2
Palit RTX 2060 OC
AeroCool Rave 600w 80+
3 HDs