Question GPU sometimes works and sometimes doesnt

Apr 23, 2021
Hello, I bought some parts to buy a new pc and the GPU worked fine for the first 3 days but the next day after that I turned on my pc and I had no signal to my monitors. I did some troubleshooting and trying switching the gpu and it worked fine the other one, so I know for sure the problem is the GPU. I also tried putting the non working GPU on another PC and the same happened, no signal to the monitor (but the card powers on and the fan spins). I then connected the hdmi to the motherboard and opened task manager and the GPU wasnt even showing up there.

I did some more digging and found a way to make it "work", if I remove the CMOS battery, turn off the PSU, wait a couple of minutes, then turn on the PSU, turn on the PC, turn it off, wait a couple more minutes and turn it on, the GPU works until I reboot my computer again, which is very weird.

My PC specs:

GPU: Asus GTX 750TI
CPU: Xeon 2620 V3
Motherboard: JINGSHA X99 EXTREME
RAM: 1x hyperx 2400mhz 8gb
SSD: Goldenfir 240Gb
PSU: AeroCool 500W PSU (I know this isnt the best PSU to use but I was in a tight budget)

Edit: I forgot to mention that I connected a speaker and I only hear one beep, meaning the PC posts normally
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