GPU Spins then Stops Continuously, Do I buy a new one?


Jun 12, 2017
Recently my EVGA 970 FTW Graphics Card stopped working, my monitor stopped detecting the card and my fans on the graphics card are spinning like this:

I think it could be broken or something. I've tried using an older graphics card to test if everything was fine and it worked on the older graphics card. I also tried using a 650W PSU (I'm using a 600W PSU at the moment) to see if there was anything that changed but nothing has. So I'm wondering if my graphics card is broken and if I should buy a new one and what should I buy? I want to buy one around $250.
You should still have some warranty left with a GTX 970 so you can choose to RMA it.
If you got another system, you can try to test if the card works with that system.

If you want a new card then wit your budget, you can get a GXT 1060 6GB or a RX 580 if you can find it