Question gpu temp going up and psu being loud

Jul 22, 2021
Yesterday my PSU was being really loud so I thought I had a virus so I clean reset my pc. After resetting my pc, I got a new problem, when I play cod warzone on my pc my GPU gets really hot really fast and my task manager shows 0% usage.

before resetting my pc there was a task named "Antimalware Service Executable" which shouldn't show since I have windows defender turned off and Malwarebytes installed and that's what I thought was the virus because it was using 99 of my GPU. When I reset windows I installed Malwarebytes it still showed up in task manager but not using GPU.

I have liquid cooling, 3 fans, and a 750w PSU.
i7 7700k
gtx 1070
Windows Defender itself is pretty strong enough for normal use, i never use any other antivirus and it performed greatly.
For the gpu, did the fans ramp up or not? if its hot and not ramping up, try to adjust it manually uusing msi afterburner.
For the psu, if its being loud, its not because of the virus, but the power usage is increasing and the fan will ramp up based on the report on the sensor inside the psu.