Question GPU temp high when watching YouTube

Mar 12, 2023
My GPU temp is normally around the high 30s, a perfectly fine temperature
But when I start watching YT or putting it under any light load in general, the temperature goes up to like 55C
I just built this computer this Monday so I don't know what's acceptable or not so please enlighten me if something could be wrong
Case: AP201
GPU: Sapphire Pulse rx 6800
CPU: Ryzen 7700
PSU: RM750e
Room: 22C
4 120mm fans, two below GPU, stock CPU aircooler and one exhaust
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Mar 12, 2023
I think you have nothing to worry about because think GPU uses power when watching vids and also you could set fan curve to lower the temps?
yeah, will prolly do that
Talking about fan curves, I'm using FanControl by rem0o rn, but the program has to be open for the custom fan curves to work, is there any way of "installing" the custom fan curves onto the system so that the program doesn't have to be open? New to this


As long as your not over heating your fine,.

Mine basically stays the same, but I am running about 10x case fans in a very large case.

Ok I see your using a micro ATX, if you go with a full tower or large mid tower I think your temps would be better.

I would not worry if you want to keep that case.