Rui Neves

Sep 20, 2014
Hi , I was doing some gpu temperatures tests to make sure that gpu have fine temperatures because I changed the thermal paste some days ago because for some reason XFX or previous owner of my GPU have applied the thermal paste badly , was none thermal past on chip only around the chip .so I was getting shutdowns under heavy benchmark tests ( the GPU was bought in second hand ) , I would like to know opinions about the tests to be sure about the temperatures , if are safe or not .
75°c max heaven benchmark 30 min (extreme settings )
68°c max furmark 10 min,(max settings )
67°c max aida 64 benchmark,
60°c rise of tomb raider benchmark (1 run ) ((very high/high settings )
67°c max rise of tomb raider gameplay during 30 min . (very high/high settings )
the Gpu is a XFX RX 580 gts xxx 4gb edition .
PC components :
MSI a88xm e35
AMD a8 6600k
Corsair xms3 1666mhz 2x4gb
Corsair vs550w
SSD kingston a400 120gb
HDD WD blue 1tb
OS Windows 10 1903
case is a NOX coolbay SX

PS: idle GPU temperatures are always between 30 to 39 +-
all testes were done at 1080p resolution
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