[SOLVED] GPU temperatures seems higher than before

Rui Neves

Sep 20, 2014
hi ,
Yesterday I was stressing my system on AIDA 64 as I bought a new power supply and already have done 3 stress tests on GPU only , I decided to do one final test to the whole system , but on that test the GPU is with higher temps that on the tests that I did to stress test the gpu only , I did the stresss tests to gpu only on Unigine heaven becnhmark and hit between the 75ºc and 78ºc . On aida 64 the GPU reached to 80ºc maximum on 30min yesterday and seemed to be stable there , then I stopped the test because I was worried , never entered on this 80´s temps before, on any app or game .... It is a safe temperature the 80ºc ?
My GPU is a XFX GTS XXX RX 580 4gb 1366mhz core clock and 1750 mhz memory clock (stock speeds on gaming bios ) .
I have another post for reference here : https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/gpu-temperature-are-okay.3511562/ of my previous temps, right after I changed the thermal paste on a local store .

My PSU now is a Bitfenix formula Gold 550w . on previous tests of the another post was a corsair vs550