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Jun 28, 2019
Hi guys if bough a new pc recently prob its been since month and a half allready when i bough it i jump right on gaming and my temps were quite high i think 82 83 on 1080p depends from the game on 4K i goes at 88 i played like that for the past month i wanted to open the case but i didnt because i had a waranty sticker on the box but decided to open it today tested it now and temps drop to 70 72 which i think is wayy better than before my question is did i do some damage in that past month of gaming on 82 85c .My GPU is gtx1660ti asus dual.On the gpu box and nvidia site it says that 95c is the safest temps i never reached 90 but still...
Sorry for my bad english im from Bulgaria
Yes, those are safe/normal TEMP values. It is high, but nothing much alarming to worry about. The GPU is having a max Temp value of 95 C, after which the card will throttle down as a safety measure.

I don't think any damage might have been done to your GPU though. Just keep the temps in check. Create a custom FAN profile in MSI AB. How is the airflow inside your ATX cabinet ? Try to install some intake/exhaust fans on your chassis, if possible.
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