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Question GPU to pair with Pentium D


The answer would be to pair that processor with a GPU of that era, or a generation later. Speaking of Pentium D, what processor are you working with? Motherboard and PSU's make and model as well as it's age?


Sep 25, 2017
Find the nearest tech museum and rob the place.

Not knowing your specs completely its tough to recommend one but i'd think best you can go for is a Radeon 4770 or a 9800GT
Feb 8, 2020
That is a very old CPU and I checked the motherboard specs, it only supports DDR2 RAM which will also be very slow. In my honest opinion, if you plan to game on it, it will not do much. Save the money and buy new components later when you can upgrade multiple components. If you want to just use it as a media machine, get a HD4670 as the others have said but if you cannot find one, get a GT710 or a 1030 if you want newer features but the 1030 will be overkill for the processor. GT710 is equal in performance to a HD4670 mentioned above so it should max out your CPU anyway but dont expect it to run many games. Also this depends on your future plans for this machine or the graphics card. If you think that you might want to make a newer Media machine or a very light gaming machine with new cpu and mobo in the future, then 1030 will be better as it has newer features and is more future proof. Hope this helps :)

PS Also check whether the card requires separate 6 pin power connection and if your power supply has it or not.
The G31 chipset is Core 2 Duo era, not PentiumD. You have the slowest CPU there is in that series.
Be sure you have the latest BIOS.
Here are the benchmarks for that MB. I'm seeing all CPUs are under 95W.
The Q6600 scoring 31%CPU is a tapemod to 3GHz.
You could get an E8500/E8600, or if you're looking for adventure an E7500 ($6)with a tapemod to 3.67Ghz will do surprisingly well in single thread games. The 2nd photo is the mod.
Here is a benchmark comparing the performance of the tapemod E7500 to a 120W 3.33GHz Xeon X5470.
DDR2=800 is about equal to DDR3-1066. It's not a deal breaker. I am seeing a 4GB limit which makes things challenging.
With 4GB DDR2-800 I would run a 1GB DDR5 GPU. Don't get a DDR3 card.
The best of these would be a GTX750 1GB DDR5. Probably a low profile version with a tall bracket if needed. The next best would be a GT730 1GB DDR5. The 750 is much better.
The Q6600 G0 will be missing some newer istruction sets. There are only 13 samples of this MB. One of them is a Q8300 quad core. I think it can run a Q9650/9550 series CPU. But I have no confirmed examples of this.
DirectX11 GPU,and SSE4.1 CPU will get you playing some recent games. The 1GB DDR5 will allow decent frame rates but resolution will need to stay well below 1080P. 720P (1280x720) should work well. Old HD720P TVs can get a good sized flat screen for cheap.

Delidded.com shows Xeon swaps for this, but nothing better than the Q9650 they say works on the version listed.
MSI G31M3-L V2G31 / ICH7133395Q9650, Q6700, Q6600 (G0 only)All
Worked: E5450, E5430, E3113, E5205
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