GPU underperforming after a switch


Jun 20, 2016
Hey everyone, my problem is, I had a GTX960 but it just wasn't performing well enough for 144hz Overwatch. It was pretty decent though. So I found a cheap, new GTX1060 and bought it. I uninstalled drivers through Control Panel, put the new GPU in and reinstalled drivers. I did some testing, and it WAS what I expected. Huge FPS boost.

Well, I was happy, and I put my 960 on sale. Like a week later, a guy wants to buy it so I tell him to come over to make the deal. When he came, he asked for a test, and I wasn't really prepared for that (200% my fault) but I accepted, and my PC was turned off so I just straight up switched GPUs and turned it on. We had to wait, like, 30 minutes for it to boot because of that. And the res was downscaled and all of that. I showed him CS:GO, OW, GTA:V framerates and he was happy, but I was not, because my 960 actually performed better than in that occasion on those games. Anyway, he bought it so whatever. When he left, I put my 1060 back and turned the PC on, and I had to wait another 30 minutes and it didn't recognize it after a few reboots. It finally did though, and I started playing and I could immediately tell, it was underperforming. I just knew. So I uninstalled, then reinstalled drivers, rebooted, and it was still underperforming. I did a little research and I just completely obliterated the old drivers, with a program called DDU, and reinstalled the new ones, as clean as possible, thinking it was a driver problem. It was not. My GPU is still underperforming and I have no clue what might be causing it now.

The best part is that I have proof, because a friend asked me how my new GPU was doing the day I bought it and I sent him a video on King's Row, at a certain part of the map, getting no less than 220 fps, and like an average of 230. If I go on King's Row now and go to the exact same place I get MAX 195 fps. :S

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